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Receive phone calls and appointment requests that your shop can convert to lifetime customers
RepairPal highlights your excellence and educates customers about the repair process
Shop tools allow to you listen to customer calls, respond to questions, and clearly track your return on investment
Your shop participates in the RepairPal Certified program on a month-to-month basis after the first three months
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Learn how you can start meeting RepairPal’s 4 million monthly visitors.
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Your dedicated success manager works with you to maximize results.
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Expand your reach with optional partner relationships
Nationwide Tow Program
Receive additional business when car owners call their insurance company for a tow and are in need of a trustworthy repair shop.
Referrals from USAA
RepairPal offers you the ability to serve those who serve our country through USAA, one of the largest insurance providers with over 11 million members.
Warranty Programs
Become one of the select group of shops to receive referrals from consumers who have purchased an extended warranty. No price shoppers, no hassle! 
What you need to become RepairPal Certified
We invite you to join our nationwide network of over 1700 shops if you
Offer quality mechanical repair
Charge fair prices
Offer a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty
Have been in business for 6 months or more
Participate in ongoing training and/or ASE certification
Consistently delight your customers
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What our RepairPal Certified shop owners have to say
Brian Stillwell, The Car Shop, Tampa, FL
“RepairPal’s site has been bringing us a lot of business. It’s by far the best marketing investment we’ve made.”
Jim Maddox, Jim’s Automotive, Albuquerque, NM
“RepairPal is one of the reasons why we are busy, [and I admit your program is working]. We had a tow in today from an insurance company that came from RepairPal’s program. Thank you for holding my hand long enough to make me try it out. I am a believer.”
Bill Dougherty, Dougherty Automotive Services, West Chester, PA
“We get work and new customers from RepairPal referrals! RepairPal is a very polished operation and reflects well on the industry.”
Diane Larson, Larson’s Service, Peabody, MA
“Through RepairPal last month, we had four new clients resulting in over $1,500 in revenue. There are not people looking for a $19.99 oil change, but educated consumers who have done some research and are looking for the best place to have it serviced. We adore our new clients and are happy they found us through RepairPal!”
Join the largest network of quality shops, certified by mechanics
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